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I feel a certain sense of nostalgia when I think back to the 70’s, particularly the rise of two cultures that would go on to influence the lives of so many of us, the Skateboarding craze that swept the nation from the west coast of the U.S. and the explosion of Punk Rock from our shores that swept the World, it just felt so natural to splice the two together.We spent all of our spare time skating and listening to great music like the Ramones the Clash and the Pistols, the energy and the attitude of the music mirrored the energy and attitude of our skating this fantastic mix making us total skate punx.

We bought our first cars at the turn of the decade and headed for the coast to savour our first taste of surfing and savour we did, getting totally hooked switching between wheels and wax and turf and surf, skating and surfing our way up and down the coast of Britain.
We soon swapped our beat up cars for beat up campers and formed a ‘surf punx’ team, creating a logo to emblaze across our boards, vans and t-shirts.

Since the 70’s to present day we have been lucky enough to have traveled and surfed on some of the most  beautiful coasts on the planet France, Northern Spain, Portugal, Americas west coast, Mexico, Australia, Costa Rica and Hawaii.

In recent years the ‘surfer look’ has exploded in England, it’s the fashion whether you surf or not, it’s so hard to distinguish between surfers and want to look like surfers.
There was a time years ago when if you saw someone with a surf t-shirt on you could possibly have a quick chat to them about surfing, these days it’s impossible.

We decided to start the ‘surf punx’ brand and have targeted surfers by direct marketing
So you won’t find us in surf shops, we sell purely from the web or you might catch us at certain surf festivals throughout the summer.

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